How Flumo Slip Works

This is an overview of how Flumo works.  You simply paint and/or pour Flumo into your molds and allow it to set up.  Then remove it from your molds and allow it to fully dry (overnight).  If you are in a hurry, you can also hasten the drying process by putting it into your home oven at 200° (F). 

Once it is dry and hard, with a paint brush, a cup of water, and an xacto knive, you can clean up the object/doll by cutting off any larger bumps or side flashing.

Using a series of rough to smooth sand papers (60 - 100 - 325 - 400 - 600), you can smooth the Flumo to a porcelain finish.  It paints beautifully with acrylic, alkid oils, or any other paints that might be your favorites.

Flumo dries almost as hard as ceramic, but can be dropped without shattering, as you can see here.  With two coats of matt or gloss enamel, it assumes the look of ceramics and is much more shatter-resistant than ceramic or porcelain. 

For an almost indestructable finish, you can paint on a coat of resin coating.